Beta Test Sprint - October 15th deadline

Dear DealCoin members and followers

Our first private beta test sprint will be coming to an end in just under a week.
Thank you to all who have already completed the tests.
We have been receiving some great feedback from you guys!

This first batch of beta tests will finish on October 15th.
Please remember, only those who have completed all 8 tests by October 15th will qualify to receive 6 months FREE dealer memberships.
For those of you who are interested, login to your account and start here

Remember, during the private beta tests, ALL orders are fictitious!
You will not be expected nor should you expect to deliver nor receive Bitcoins or local currencies.
All deals will be deleted once the private beta is completed.
So don't be shy ;D

Happy testing & happy dealings

Hakim Mamoni
DealCoin Founder