Introducing VOX: Talk before you Trade

Dear DealCoin Members and Dealers

Over the last quarter, we have stealthily been working on a new feature to help our members trade Bitcoin more safely than ever before. Today we are proud to announce the beta launch of our unique VOX service.

** Introducing VOX: Talk before you Trade
Our VOX feature enables you to talk on the phone with potential trading partners without exchanging numbers. We call both parties on their mobile phones and connect the calls without revealing personal details. Once you have spoken to a potential trading partner, you can both decide if you wish to go ahead, or not, with the transaction. Next time you're about to trade, get to know who you're dealing with via a quick conversation over the phone.

** Dealers get FREE VOX credits!
Dealer membership costs as little as 4.7 mBTC per month. Rather than simply accepting the price indicated in an order, Dealers can make competitive counteroffers. And now, 100% of the Dealer membership fees are converted into VOX credits. This ensures that our registered dealers can easily be reached over the phone by other members prior to agreeing to a trade.

** Easy VOX credits top-up
VOX credits top-ups are available to all our members. Our call rates are low: from the US, you can talk for as little as USD 0.10 per min; from the UK, for as little as GBP 0.20 per min. Of course, all payments are settled in Bitcoin. For more info and to check the cost in your area, please visit

** FREE VOX trial worth 8,4 mBTC
We will be beta testing our new VOX features over the next 4 weeks. We are offering 1 month FREE Dealer memberships to our existing members. Each free membership includes 8,4 mBTC worth of VOX credits. If you would like to participate simply email your username to [email protected]

** Give feedback & get rewards
Since our beta launch, we have received some excellent feedback from our growing community of dedicated beta testers. This month you will notice that we have implemented some UX/UI changes and we're looking forward to more feedback. If you have any suggestion(s) on how to improve our website or services, we would love to hear from you. To express our gratitude, each month, the top 3 suggestions will be rewarded with 500 FREE VOX credits. Send all your feedback to [email protected]

** Bug Reports
If you find any bugs on our website or any issues with any of our services, please login to your account and visit

Thank you for your continued interest in the development of DealCoin, the first Voice-Enabled Bitcoin OTC Exchange.

Happy dealings!

Hakim Mamoni
DealCoin Founder
DealCoin: The first Voice-Enabled Bitcoin OTC Exchange