How it works

Buying and selling bitcoins is as easy as A,B,C.
A. Browse buy or sell orders from members in your area.
B. If you find an attractive deal, be first to grab it!
C. Can't find the right deal? Place a FREE order.
Place An Order

Tell the community how many bitcoins you'd like to buy or sell, what local currency will be used for the exchange and if you prefer a payment in cash or via wire.
Name Your Price

If you know the price at which you'd like to trade, name it in your order. Name a reasonable price to attract a taker. Regular members and dealers can both be takers.
Accept An Offer

If you do not specify a price or if your price is not attracting takers, dealers may provide you with blind counter-offers. You decide which offer suits you best.

Once a member agrees to your price or once you agree a dealer's offer, both parties have the opportunity to get to know each other prior to closing the deal.
Social Networks

If your counterparty has provided us with their social network information, you will be able to review it to find out if you are already connected.
Private Messages

You can reach your counterparty via private messages. These messages are posted on the trade page and sent via email without revealing your address.
VOX Connect

Provided you & your counterparty have sufficient VOX credits, you can talk to each other on the phone without exchanging numbers.
Close The Deal

Once you have communicated with your counterpaty, you can both choose to approve or reject the deal. If rejected, the order returns to the market.
BTC Payment

Once a deal has been approved by both parties, the seller has the option to use our escrow service or to send the bitcoins directly to a trusted buyer.
Fiat Payment

Once the bitcoins are in escrow, the buyer can make the payment in local currency via the method agreed with the seller.
Release Escrow

Once the the fiat payment has been received, the seller can release to the buyer the bitcoins held in our escrow.
Rate & Review

Once the trade has been completed, both parties can rate each other and write up a review on the deal.