What are they?

Wallet cards are printed bitcoin wallets. Each wallet is made of a unique public address and the corresponding hidden private key. Wallet cards are a safe and easy way to save, give or sell bitcoins without a computer or mobile phone.

How do they work?

Each card is made up of 3 QR codes. 2 of them are visible and the 3rd one is hidden behind a tamper-evident hologram sticker.

  1. The QR code on the right hand side is the wallet public address.
  2. The QR code on the left hand side is a verification link to check how many bitcoins are stored in the wallet.
  3. The QR code in the center hidden behind the hologram is the wallet private key.

How do you add funds?

To add funds to the wallet card simply send bitcoins to the public address printed at the bottom of the card (easily accessible via the QR code on the right hand side).

How do you spend or send the stored bitcoins?

To spend the funds on the card, carefully reveal the QR code behind the hologram. Using this QR code, you can import the private key in your favorite wallet application. Once you have imported the private key, you can send the bitcoins to any another wallet.


A wallet card is no longer valid once the hologram sticker has been removed. Do not accept or use a wallet card once the private key has been revealed.

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