New Feature: Market Maker Orders | Get 1000 FREE VOX Credits

Dear DealCoin Members,

We are proud to unveil a brand new market maker feature, a 1000 VOX credits giveaway and a new membership scheme.

** New Feature: Market Maker Orders
Market makers can now post orders with dynamic bid/ask prices. Dynamic prices are derived from the Coindesk BPI (Bitcoin Price Index). Simply specify your bid and ask margins and your order prices are updated every minute in line with the Coindesk BPI. You can also specify a minimum and maximum transaction size, whether you accept cash and wire payments, and the hours during which you're available. If you're an active bitcoin dealer, or wish to become one, you will love our new market maker feature!

To access this new feature, simply make sure that your VOX balance has a minimum of 1000 credits (USD10.00). This will enable other members, wishing to trade with you, to speak with you over the phone prior to closing a deal.

** Receive 1000 FREE VOX Credits worth USD10.00
All our members can try our market maker feature absolutely FREE of charge! To receive 1000 FREE VOX credits, simply register a phone number and record a voice introduction. Upon verification of your phone number, you will receive 500 FREE credits. Upon recording of your voice introduction, you will receive 500 FREE extra credits.

Phone verification is easily done via a simple SMS message and recording your voice introduction takes less than a minute. So don't miss out and get your FREE 1000 VOX credits now!

** New Membership Scheme
We have simplified our membership scheme:
- Regular membership is still 100% FREE of charge
- To become a dealer, simply maintain a VOX balance of at least 500 credits (USD5.00)
- To become a market maker, simply maintain a balance of at least 1000 credits (USD10.00)
All members can place FREE regular market orders.
Only dealers and marker makers can make counter-offers to the community's orders.
Only market makers can place dynamic bid/ask orders.

** Give feedback & get rewards
This month we're looking forward to receiving more feedback from you. If you have any suggestion(s) on how to improve our website or services, we would love to hear from you. To express our gratitude, each month, the top 3 suggestions will be rewarded with 500 FREE VOX credits. Send all your feedback to [email protected]

** Bug Reports
If you find any bugs on our website or any issues with any of our services, please login to your account and visit

Thank you for your continued interest in the development of DealCoin, the world's first Voice Enabled Bitcoin OTC Exchange.

Happy dealings!

Hakim Mamoni
DealCoin Founder
DealCoin: The world's first Voice Enabled Bitcoin OTC Exchange