DealCoin November Update

Dear DealCoin Members and Dealers

Thank you for your continued interest in the development of DealCoin the new In Person Bitcoin Exchange.

** Private Beta Test Updates
We received some very valuable feedback during our private beta test sprint. 100 members participated and many completed all 8 beta tests. We have now refunded the membership fees paid during the test sprint as a sign of gratitude to all who participated. Many of you have received a free 6 months membership. If you did not get a free 6 months membership and you completed all 8 beta tests, please contact us

Since the end of the test sprint, we have been busy fixing the reported bugs, improving on site usability and adding a couple of features requested by our members. Thank you to all of those who offered us some very valuable ideas. Not all features requested have been implemented but some more will be added at a later stage.

** DealCoin Technology Updates
We have now deployed our new Bitcoin escrow service. This optional service allows sellers to have additional peace of mind when dealing with community members they do not yet know. Our escrow service is only available for the Bitcoin side of deals. DealCoin does not handle any transfer of local currencies between community members. Sellers wishing to use our escrow service will be charged from 0.5% to 1% on top of the Bitcoin amount sold. Direct deals are still free of charge :)

We have also implemented 2 additional features to make dealing on DealCoin even more dynamic:
* Order Expiry: Orders to buy or sell Bitcoins now have a validity period. Members may choose how long their orders should stay open. If an order has not been filled during this period, it expires automatically.
* Offer expiry: Offers made by dealers now have an expiry date and time. Dealers may chose how long their offers are valid for. Offers expire automatically on chosen date if they have not been accepted or rejected.

** Speaking Engagements
* Bruxelles - Meetup Group:
On October 10th, I was invited to introduce DealCoin to the Bitcoin community at the Meetup in Bruxelles, Belgium. There was much interest and questions from the local bitcoiners. Great group of international people all connected by their passion for Bitcoin!

* Singapore - Bitcoin Conference:
On November 15th, I will be speaking at the 1st Bitcoin conference in Asia held at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore. I will be introducing DealCoin and discussing the future of Bitcoin. For more info, please visit

* London - Bitcoin Focus:
On November 25th, I will be speaking at the Bitcoin Focus event in London, UK. I will be doing an introduction to Bitcoin and DealCoin. For more info, please visit

* London - Bitcoin Expo:
On November 30th, I will be speaking at the Bitcoin Expo in London, UK. I will be introducing DealCoin and talking about building a resilient world with distributed decentralized technologies like Bitcoin. For more info, please visit

** Business Development Updates
Our public beta launch is now just around the corner. We are putting some finishing touches and we will be announcing our public launch in a few days. Watch this space...

Happy dealings

Hakim Mamoni
DealCoin Founder